Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to arrange a small kitchen ?

Good lighting helps by allowing you to make the best use of the space you have.
 Minimize colour contrasts-makes small kitchen feel airier and spacious 
Replacing solid door fronts on your wall cabinets with glass fronts can make your small kitchen look larger and brighter.

Kitchen Worktops

Hardwood worktops
For those who are looking for creative and low budget means to transform the look of their kitchen, wood worktops are a popular choice.
Composite worktops
Composite worktops are heat, scratch, chemical and water resistant and come in a variety of styles and colours.

Glass worktops
 A glass worktop is water and heat resistant and easy to maintain, though it can get scratched...

Concrete kitchen worktops
Concrete kitchen worktops come in a variety of colours and styles and can be made to look polished and smooth like natural stone or rough and textured.

Kitchendraw 3D Software programs help us with designing a 3D Virtual kitchen showing countertops, cabinetry, appliances, sinks... The complete project & design is unique.


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